The Regulation of Lobbying and Influence in Chile

Recommendations for Strengthening Transparency and Integrity in Decision Making

Lobbying and influence activities are legitimate acts of democratic participation and enable different groups to provide input and expertise to the policymaking process. This report looks at Chile’s existing framework to ensure equity, integrity and transparency in public decision-making processes, and assesses its resilience to the risks of undue influence by special interest groups. The report also explores how to improve transparency and facilitate the disclosure of lobbying and influence activities. Finally, it discusses complementary reforms of the legal framework on integrity and transparency that could help strengthen the lobbying framework.

Published on May 17, 2024Also available in: Spanish

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Executive summary
Towards a modernised framework to ensure transparency and integrity in lobbying in Chile
Strengthening the legal framework for lobbying in Chile
Enabling effective transparency on lobbying in Chile
Strengthening the integrity framework adapted to the risks of lobbying and influence for public officials and lobbyists in Chile
Establishing mechanisms for effective implementation, compliance and review of the lobbying framework in Chile
Code of Best Practices for Lobbyists (Código de Buenas Prácticas para Lobbistas)
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