JapanJapan has listed PFOS and its salts as a Class I Specified Chemical Substance under the Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL) and PFOS is subject to export restriction under the country’s Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. The Class I listing occurred in response to the new listing of PFOS under the Stockholm Convention after the government evaluated if PFOS and its salts were persistent, bioaccumulative, and have long-term toxicity for humans and animals.

Additionally, the government of Japan has been conducting environmental monitoring of PFOS since 2009.

Action Path taken BEPs Implemented Category of PFASss addressed Articles covered? Life cycle stage(s) addressed Method of approach Public- private partnership encouraged? Level of constraint

PFOS and its salts listed in Class I Specified Chemical Substances under the Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL)

Manage the manufacture, import, export and use Minimise the use of PFOS PFOS and its salts Yes Manufacture, import, export, use Regulatory No Strict regulations on manufacture, use, export and import
Reporting to the PRTR


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