Greening transport


  • Event: 2021 International Transport Forum

    17-28 May 2021 - Leipzig, Germany - Under the theme “Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development”, the Summit will explore how to reshape mobility in the wake of Covid-19.

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  • Paper: Exploring the impact of shared mobility services on CO2

    4 May 2021 - This study estimates the impact that shared mobility services could have on the carbon footprint of urban transport. It simulates the share of each transport mode and aggregate emissions from passenger transport in 247 cities across 29 OECD countries between 2015 and 2050.

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  • Database: Transport ClimateAction Directory

    This Directory is an online database of transport CO2 reduction policy measures. It contains more than 60 different mitigation measures along with the evidence-base needed to assess their effectiveness. It helps decision makers to translate their decarbonisation ambitions into actions and achieve their climate objectives.

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17-28 May 2021 - Welcome to the 2021 International Transport forum Summit

Eamon Ryan, Minister for Transport for Ireland, welcomes you to the International Transport Forum's 2021 Virtual Summit under the Presidency of Ireland. The Summit takes place online over two weeks from 17 to 28 May 2021, making it easier than ever before to be part of this special event. The Summit programme on “Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development” will also explore how to reshape mobility in the wake of Covid-19.


Air pollution and transport

Land Use and transport

Transport and the Well-being lens to Climate Change Mitigation