Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

Roundtable on Financing Water (1st meeting)

12-13 April 2017
See timing below*
OECD Paris
Inaugural meeting

  • By invitation only.

  • Monday 12 April: 9h-18h*
  • Tuesday 13 April: 9h30-12h30*

Together with the World Water Council and the Netherlands, the OECD established the Roundtable on Financing Water.

The Roundtable facilitates an ongoing dialogue between the water and finance communities (broadly interpreted) on how to overcome the global challenges of financing the investments needed for water security and sustainable economic growth and water contribution to the wider set of Sustainable Development Goals.

The Roundtable provides a global multi-stakeholder platform for engagement, collaboration, and action built on open dialogue and exchange between key actors in the water and finance sectors. Specifically, the Roundtable:

  • seeks to diagnose the barriers and opportunities in securing finance for water infrastructure investments;
  • deepens understanding of the priority and context-dependence of addressing water security as a critical component of the SDGs;
  • builds understanding of the necessary policies and enabling conditions needed effectively to address these challenges; and
  • develops practical recommendations for action.

The Roundtable engages a diversity of actors – governments and regulators in developed, emerging and developing economies, institutional investors, the private sector, international organisations, philanthropic organisations, academia and civil society organisations – focused on finding novel ideas and solutions.