Greening transport


  • Event: 2023 International Transport Forum Summit

    The Summit on Transport Enabling Sustainable Economies will take place from 24 to 26 May 2023 in Leipzig, Germany, under the Presidency of the United Kingdom. Participants will reflect and share perspectives on the role of transport as an enabler of economic growth that also drives environmental and social sustainability.

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  • Distributional effects of urban transport policies to discourage car use

    This report takes stock of scientific findings to date regarding the distributional effects of policies discouraging car use in urban areas. These policies include cordon tolls, distance-based charges, fuel taxes, parking measures and public transport subsidies.

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  • Redesigning Ireland’s Transport for Net Zero

    Current mobility patterns in Ireland are incompatible with the country’s target to halve emissions in the transport sector by 2030. Building on the OECD process “Systems Innovation for Net Zero” and consultation with Irish stakeholders, this report assesses the potential of implemented and planned Irish policies to transform car-dependent systems. It identifies transformative policies that can help Ireland transition to sustainable transport systems that work for people and the planet.

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