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  • 10-October-2012


    Fixed and Mobile Networks: Substitution, Complementarity and Convergence (OECD Digital Economy Paper 206)

    Mobile providers have garnered a very large share of traditional services, such as telephony, over the past decade. Nevertheless, mobile networks are dependent on fixed networks and could not efficiently meet the rapidly expanding demand of users without the contributions made by fixed broadband networks.

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  • 4-September-2012


    Methodology for Constructing Wireless Broadband Price Baskets (OECD Digital Economy Paper 205)

    The OECD has adopted a new basket methodology for benchmarking wireless broadband prices. It adds to the existing baskets for voice, leased lines and fixed broadband services and reflects the increasing importance of wireless broadband for laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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  • 17-August-2012


    Report on Consumer Protection in Online and Mobile Payments

    An examination of payments issues is taking place in the context of the review of the OECD’s 1999 guidelines on e-commerce. This report looks at what might need to be amplified or revised to enhance consumer trust and adoption of new and emerging online and mobile payment mechanisms. It reflects contributions made by national delegations, business and civil society.

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