Measuring the Digital Transformation

A Roadmap for the Future

Measuring the Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for the Future provides new insights into the state of the digital transformation by mapping indicators across a range of areas – from education and innovation, to trade and economic and social outcomes – against current digital policy issues, as presented in Going Digital: Shaping Policies, Improving Lives. In so doing, it identifies gaps in the current measurement framework, assesses progress made towards filling these gaps and sets-out a forward-looking measurement roadmap. The goal is to expand the evidence base, as a means to lay the ground for more robust policies for growth and well-being in the digital era.

Published on March 11, 2019Also available in: Spanish

SUMMARIESavailable in 10 languages

English Measuring the Digital Transformation (Summary in English)
French Mesurer la transformation numérique
Spanish Cómo medir la transformación digital
German Den digitalen Wandel vermessen:
Japanese デジタル転換を測る
Italian Misurare la trasformazione digitale
Chinese 衡量数字变革
Korean 디지털 전환의 측정
Portuguese Avaliação da Transformação Digital
Russian Измерение цифровой трансформации


Reader’s Guide
Executive Summary
A Measurement Roadmap for the Future
Data Sources
Trends in the Digital Era2 chapters available
Technology trends
Digital transformations
Growth and Well-being11 chapters available
Information industries
The demand for information industries’ products
Value added and jobs
Trade in digital products
Well-being and the digital transformation
Digital natives
Digital transformation and health
Roadmap: Digital intensity, a taxonomy of sectors
Roadmap: Well-being in the digital age
Roadmap: The digital transformation and economic statistics
Enhancing Access7 chapters available
Mobile connectivity
Internet infrastructure
Universal access
Roadmap: Measuring the Internet of Things
Roadmap: Measuring broadband quality
Increasing Effective Use9 chapters available
User sophistication
Business capabilities
Enablers of effective use
Roadmap: Measuring e-commerce
Roadmap: Measuring cloud computing services
Roadmap: The potential of survey micro-data
Unleashing Innovation8 chapters available
Knowledge base
Science and digitalisation
Innovative outputs
Market entry
Open government data
Roadmap: The digitalisation of science
Roadmap: Measuring open source software
Roadmap: The Internet as a source for statistical data
Ensuring Good Jobs for All7 chapters available
Employment dynamics
ICT skills in the workplace
Education and training
Roadmap: Platform-mediated workers
Roadmap: E-skills
Promoting Social Prosperity7 chapters available
Digital inclusion
Skills in the digital era
Daily life
Downsides to the digital transformation
Digital transformation and the environment
Roadmap: Online platforms
Roadmap: Measuring digital government maturity
Strengthening Trust7 chapters available
Digital security
Online privacy
Skills for managing digital security risks and privacy
E-consumer trust
Online social networks
Roadmap: Digital security in businesses
Roadmap: Measuring individuals’ trust in online environments
Fostering Market Openness7 chapters available
Global value chains
Measures affecting trade in goods
Measures affecting trade in services
Technology across borders
Roadmap: Measuring digital trade
Roadmap: Measuring data and data flows
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