Tax treaties

Public comments on Reports Relating to Claims for Treaty Benefits by Portfolio Investors


8 June 2009 -- The Informal Consultative Group on the Taxation of Collective Investment Vehicles and Procedures for Tax Relief for Cross-Border Investors (ICG) prepared for the consideration of the OECD’s Committee on Fiscal Affairs (CFA) two reports  relating to claims for treaty benefits by portfolio investors which were released on 12 January 2009. Given the recommendations included in the reports, the CFA decided at the time of their release to invite comments from all interested parties before further consideration of the reports. The OECD has now published the comments received on the reports. These comments were received from:

● French Banking Federation 

● International Financial Data Services

● Investment Management Association 

● Investment and Financial Services Association 

Irish Funds Industry Association

● Korean CIV Consultation Group

● Property Council of Australia


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