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Task Force Sub Group on Transfer Pricing 2011



At its meeting in April this year, the Task Force proposed a work-programme for 2011/12 for each of its four priority areas, including transfer pricing, which was approved by the Committee for Fiscal Affairs and the Development Assistance Committee at their meetings in July.


The Task Force has thus now moved from its scoping phase into its implementation phase. With this in mind, the Sub Group on Transfer Pricing met on 19th September 2011 at the OECD headquarters in Paris to discuss:

  • How to ensure that initiatives in the area of transfer pricing can most effectively meet the needs and priorities identified by developing counties;
  • How the various stakeholders in the Task Force can contribute to, and support, the Task Force’s agenda on transfer pricing; and
  • How international organisations can best co-operate to ensure that they deliver a coherent, and most effective,  approach to transfer pricing and developing countries.


 Meeting Documents


Transfer Pricing Work Plan (PDF, 84KB)


Meeting Agenda (PDF, 190KB)


 Meeting Presentations


Session III

Colombia: "'Colombia’s perspectives on the work of the Task Force in the area of Transfer Pricing" (PDF, 425KB)


Ghana: "Transfer Pricing" (PDF, 277KB) 


GIZ: "Good Financial Governance Programme"  (PDF, 93KB)


Liberia: "Transfer Pricing: Issues and Development Needs in Liberia'' (PDF, 385KB)


Senegal: ''Transfer Pricing Perspectives in Senegal" (PDF, 662KB)


Venezuela: ''Working Group of Transfer Pricing" (PDF, 461KB)


South Africa Revenue Services: "Presentation on Transfer Pricing"' (PDF, 157KB)


Session IV

European Commission: "Study on Transfer Pricing and Developing Countries" (PDF, 218KB)


Session V

PricewaterhouseCoopers: "The View from Business" (PDF, 112KB)


Session VII

WP6: "Current Work of Interest to Developing Countries'' (PDF, 1203KB)




Summary Record


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