The Global Forum is the continuation of a forum which was created in the early 2000s in the context of the OECD’s work to address the risks to tax compliance posed by tax havens. The original members of the Global Forum consisted of OECD countries and jurisdictions that had agreed to implement transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes. The Global Forum was restructured in September 2009 in response to the G20 call to strengthen implementation of these standards.

The Global Forum now has 127 members on equal footing and is the premier international body for ensuring the implementation of the internationally agreed standards of transparency and exchange of information in the tax area. Through an in-depth peer review process, the restructured Global Forum monitors that its members fully implement the standard of transparency and exchange of information they have committed to implement. It also works to establish a level playing field, even among countries that have not joined the Global Forum. More about the Global Forum...

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What's new

»17-20 August 2015: Joint OECD/Global Forum second advanced workshop on implementing the common reporting standard (CRS), Malaysia.

» 6 August 2015: UK partners with Ghana on tax transparency

» 3 August 2015: The Global Forum releases new compliance ratings on tax transparency

» 27 July 2015: Two regional workshops on exchange of information were held on 21-24 July 2015 in Bogota, Colombia

» 22 July 2015: A training seminar on exchange of information for tax auditors and investigators was held on 22-24 July 2015 in Yaounde, Cameroon.

» 15 July 2015: The Global Forum hosted a high level tax event on "Linking Transparency and Exchange of Information to Domestic Resource Mobilization" in conjunction with the Third UN Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa on 14 July. Read the news release.

» 13 July 2015: The Global Forum organised, jointly with the OECD, a workshop on the implementation of the new standard on Automatic Exchange of Information in the Seychelles on 6-9 July 2015. Read more.

» 9 July 2015: The EU Commission on June 17, made an announcement regarding third party non-cooperative jurisdictions. In response, Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration and Monica Bhatia, Head of the Global Forum Secretariat sent a letter to all Global Forum members. The Global Forum Secretariat has now produced a simple fact sheet which brings together in one place the tax transparency measures taken by the jurisdictions on the "pan-EU list". It shows the very significant progress that most of these jurisdictions have made in implementing the international standards.

» 23 June 2015: Mauritius deepens its commitment to fight international tax avoidance and evasion

» 9 June 2015: African legislators renew commitments to the tax transparency agenda and to putting an end to tax avoidance and tax evasion