Digital Government Review of Argentina

Accelerating the Digitalisation of the Public Sector

This Digital Government Review highlights the efforts taking place in Argentina to digitalise and improve data governance in its public sector and build the foundations for a digital government. The review explores Argentina’s institutional, legal and policy frameworks and their strategic role in the digital transformation of the public sector. The report also discusses how to reinforce the capacity of the public sector to “go digital” and better respond to citizens' needs. It explores how ICT procurement, management, and commissioning can help improve public sector accountability and efficiency, as well as support greater policy coherence and compliance with digital government standards. The review ends with a discussion on the state of data governance in the public sector, including data leadership and stewardship, rules and platforms for data production, sharing and interoperability, data protection, data federation, and open government data initiatives.

Published on June 25, 2019

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Executive Summary
Assessment and recommendations
Building the foundations for a digital government in Argentina
Governing the digital transformation of the Argentinian public sector
ICT procurement and commissioning for coherent policy implementation in Argentina
Building and attracting talent for the digital transformation of the public sector
Public service design and delivery in Argentina
Governing and enabling government data as a service in Argentina
Relevant laws, decrees and resolutions
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