Registration open: 10th annual OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment

 2-3 October 2023 Hybrid event

This pioneering annual event convenes leading actors across the green finance community to help catalyse and support the transition to a green, low-emissions and climate-resilient global economy.

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Watch the replay of our Green Talks LIVE webinar

Green Talks LIVE Moving the world economy to net zero Feb 2023

This Green Talks LIVE presentation and discussion with experts focused on transition finance and transition planning, their importance for moving to net-zero pathways in hard-to-abate sectors and emerging markets and developing economies, as well as outstanding challenges in this space. The presentation drew from the recent report OECD Guidance on Transition Finance: Ensuring Credibility of Corporate Climate Transition Plans, which proposes 10 key elements to help corporates in developing transition plans, financiers to identify credible investment opportunities, and policymakers to develop strong policy frameworks.‌

Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation Programme

This OECD programme, also referred to as CEFIM, aims to strengthen domestic enabling conditions to attract finance and investment in renewable electricity and energy efficiency in five emerging economies in Asia and Latin America. The programme will support countries in the development of policies and instruments to help scale up a pipeline of bankable clean energy projects.

Policy paper: Supporting women’s empowerment through green policies and finance

In Focus

Supervisory Framework for Financial Risks from Biodiversity-related Losses

This project will develop a supervisory framework to help the Hungarian central bank (MNB) and other central banks assess biodiversity-related financial risks in the financial system, including transmission channels for physical and transition risks.

De-risking Institutional Investment in Green Infrastructure: 2021 Progress Update

 Videos from leading actors in the green finance and investment community

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Key steps to reaching climate objectives in cities

Carl Pope, Senior Adviser to Michael Bloomberg, UN Envoy for Cities and Climate, and former Executive Director, Sierra Club, explains how we can reach our climate objectives. 

Infrastructure investment in Asia

Diwakar Gupta, Vice President, Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations, ADB, explains infrastructure investment for a low-carbon transition in Asia.

Moving towards more robust climate disclosure

Catherine Howarth, Chief Executive, ShareAction, explains climate disclosure.