Strengthening Public Integrity in Brazil

Mainstreaming Integrity Policies in the Federal Executive Branch

Mainstreaming integrity policies throughout a public administration is a common challenge in many countries. Brazil’s Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) has implemented a series of measures to do so, including establishing the Public Integrity System of the Federal Executive Branch (SIPEF). This report analyses these recent developments and provides recommendations on how to better promote a culture of integrity through the Integrity Management Units with targeted support by the CGU. The report also highlights opportunities to improve the clarity and coherence of policies to promote public integrity and public ethics, manage conflicts of interest, and foster integrity risk management by streamlining these areas under the umbrella of public integrity.

Available from December 08, 2021Also available in: Portuguese

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Executive summary
The Public Integrity System in the Brazilian Federal Executive Branch
Strengthening the institutions of the Brazilian Public Integrity System (SIPEF)
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