Multi-level Governance

We help governments design adaptive multi-level governance systems and innovative finance tools, foster partnerships, and ensure more effective public investment outcomes, including to meet climate objectives in regions and cities.

Areas of Work


OECD Work on Subnational Infrastructure Investment for the G20

Subnational governments are vital in G20 countries, accounting for almost 60% of total public investment. Their contribution is essential in meeting future substantial infrastructure investment needs, supporting economic growth and enhancing well-being. The OECD has actively contributed to various G20 initiatives to unlock the potential of subnational infrastructure investment.

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OECD Recommendation on Regional Development Policy

The Recommendation provides countries with a comprehensive policy framework to support the design and implementation of effective regional development policies. It considers that regional development policy is a long-term, cross-sectoral, multi-level policy that aims to improve the contribution of all regions to national performance and reduce inequalities between places and between people.

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Trust in Government

The exploratory work looks at the factors (e.g. level of unemployment, access to quality public services, etc.) driving the territorial differences in trust in government. It also looks at the levers available to policymakers that may help to rebuild trust, as well as areas for future qualitative and quantitative OECD research.

Regions of discontent: How to repair territorial divides in government trust

Expert Group Multi-level Governance & Public Investment for Regional Development

We provide support to the Expert Group on Multi-level Governance and Public Investment for Regional Development. This Expert Group gathers policy practitioners from OECD member countries and beyond to engage on policy issues related to multi-level governance. It supports the multi-level governance components of the Programme of Work, with a particular emphasis on the Third pillar, which focuses on “Anticipatory multi-level governance and finance to manage megatrends and shocks”.

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