Governance of Regional Development

We support governments to enhance the multi-level governance, strategic planning, and implementation of policies for regional development. Our aim is to help national, regional, and local governments promote inclusive economic growth and improve well-being. We provide all levels of government with concrete recommendations and capacity building tools to help them define long-term objectives, co-ordinate and co-operate with a broad range of stakeholders, and effectively deliver and monitor policies for regional development, innovation and public services.


How we work with governments



Regions in Industrial Transition

We explore how new governance and policy approaches for regions in industrial transition are helping them overcome structural obstacles, regain lost momentum and enhance the well-being of their citizens. The project builds on work with ten EU regions and two countries in industrial transition.


Cross-border cooperation

Together with five pilot regions, the OECD and the European Commission will develop an analytical framework to strengthen multi-level governance and co-development of strategies to help cross-border regions better achieve common development objectives. This framework looks at how enhancing governance (institutional structure, strategy-setting, financing, etc.) can help them realise their aims.


Territorial divides in government trust

The exploratory work looks at the factors (e.g., level of unemployment, access to quality public services, etc.) driving the territorial differences in trust in government. It also looks at the levers available to policy makers that may help to rebuild trust, as well as areas for future qualitative and quantitative OECD research.


What do governments do?

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How to get involved?

We carry out in-depth reviews and assessments for governments at all levels to help drive improvements in regional development policy and deliver better policy outcomes. Our reports provide concrete recommendations and international examples for policy reforms and strategic planning and are supported by capacity-building workshops, guidance, and training for national and subnational government officials.

 Governance of regional development is a key focus within the broader scope of our work on Multi-level Governance

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