The Path to Becoming a Data-Driven Public Sector

Twenty-first century governments must keep pace with the expectations of their citizens and deliver on the promise of the digital age. Data-driven approaches are particularly effective for meeting those expectations and rethinking the way governments and citizens interact. This report highlights the important role data can play in creating conditions that improve public services, increase the effectiveness of public spending and inform ethical and privacy considerations. It presents a data-driven public sector framework that can help countries or organisations assess the elements needed for using data to make better-informed decisions across public sectors.

Published on November 28, 2019Also available in: French

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Executive Summary
Data governance in the public sector
The application of data in the public sector to generate public value
The role of data in building trust
Annexes3 chapters available
Background: OECD work on data-driven public sector
Data-driven integrity
Data-driven human resources management: Enabling the strategic use of human resources data for a high-performing civil service
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