Understanding the Socio-economic Divide in Europe


OECD Centre for Opportunity and Equality (COPE)
Understanding the socio-economic divide in Europe

26 January 2017, OECD, Paris 

This workshop serves to assess the state of play regarding the socioeconomic divide in Europe and to reflect upon how this impacts specific areas of society and policy. The OECD will develop a policy paper (public document) describing this divide in Europe to inform the conference and the wider public about this issue. 

The workshop serves to enlarge the angle of the work of the OECD in this field and to bring additional civil society perspectives into their work.



By Gabriela Ramos,
OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20


Goran Buldioski
Co-director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, OSFs


Opening Session:

The socioeconomic divide: where does Europe stand?

 Goran Buldioski Stefano Scarpetta  Catherine Fieschi  Zsolt Darvas
Moderator: Goran Buldioski
Co-director of the Open Society Initiative
for Europe, OSFs

Stefano Scarpetta
Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs,

Catherine Fieschi
Founder and Executive Director, Counterpoint   
Zsolt Darvas
             Senior Fellow, Bruegel                                


Session 1:

Exploring the relationship between rising political instability and the growing socioeconomic divide

 Heather Grabbe  Matthew MacWilliams Ben Page  Christal Morehouse 
Moderator: Heather Grabbe
Director, Open Society European Policy Institute         

Matthew MacWilliams   
    Founding Partner, MacWilliams Sanders

Ben Page 
              Chief Executive officer of Ipsos   
MORI (Public Opinion)          

Christal Morehouse
Senior Program Officer, 
                     Open Society Foundations                              


Session 2:

The socioeconomic integration of migrants

Anthony Heath  Thomas Liebig   Gisela Waisman  Dominique Meurs
Moderator: AnthonyHeath
Professor of Sociology, Emeritus Fellowof Nuffield College        

Thomas Liebig
    Senior labour market     economist, OECD                   

Gisela Waisman
Deputy director,
Economic Affairs Department, Ministry of Finance, Sweden

Dominique Meurs
National Institute of Demographic Studies, France           


Closing Session:

The socioeconomic integration of migrants

Anne Macey  Monika Queisser  Sara Llewellin  Isabelle Maquet
Moderator: Anne Macey
Chief Executive, Confrontations Europe

Monika Queisser
Senior Counsellor to the Director of Employment,
Labour and Social Affairs Directorate, OECD

Sara Llewellin
CEO, The Barrow Cadbury Trust
Isabelle Maquet
Deputy Head, Employment - Spain and Malta

 More OECD work on Income inequality via www.oecd.org/social/inequality-and-poverty.htm



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