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Cycling, Health and Safety

Many jurisdictions around the world are trying to retain or increase the share of cycling in urban traffic in order to benefit from the many health and transport efficiency benefits. Safety is a key concern and should be accounted for in these policies. This report of the International Transport Forum's Cycling Safety Working Group monitors international trends in cycling, safety and policy, and explores options that may help decision makers design safe environments for cycling. Key messages relate to strategic goal-setting for cycling policy and managing crash risks while increasing health benefits. The report also discusses how to better capture crash and bicycle usage statistics. The safety impacts of a wide range of pro-cycling measures are examined in detail.  

Published on December 19, 2013Also available in: French

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Cycling safety: Key messages and recommendations
Cycling, safety, health and policy – necessary linkages, suggested approaches
Policy measures and administrative framework for bicycle safety
Analysis of international trends in bicycle use and cyclist safety
Overview of bicycle crash characteristics in selected countries
Review of bicycle safety measures
Annexes4 chapters available
Working group questionnaire on bicycle safety and crash characteristics
Policy measures derived from stated preference analysis for bicycle use: Route choice factors in Indian context
A stated preference analysis on bicycle user's perception on cycling safety and its policy implications in Korean contexts
ITF-OECD Working Group on Cycling Safety
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