Public governance


A Strategic Approach to Public Integrity in Hungary

The 2023-25 National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan

This report provides an assessment of Hungary’s Draft Medium Term National Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2023-2025 (NACS) and the Action Plan for its implementation. The NACS is one of several steps Hungary is taking to improve its rule of law performance. This report highlights strengths and makes recommendations for improving the NACS based on international good practice, the OECD’s Public Integrity Indicators, and Hungary’s commitments within its Recovery and Resilience Plan and remedial measures.

Available from November 16, 2023

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Executive summary
Why a strategic approach to public integrity in Hungary
Reviewing the development process of Hungary’s NACS 2023-2025
Assessing the content of Hungary’s NACS 2023-2025 and its Action Plan
Monitoring, evaluating and communicating the implementation of Hungary’s NACS 2023-2025
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