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On September 2nd, the OECD – Brazil Co-operation Agreement on Public Integrity and Open Government was officially launched during a high-level webinar with Jeffrey Schlagenhauf (OECD Deputy Secretary-General), Minister Wagner de Campos Rosário (Comptroller General of the Union of Brazil - CGU), Minister Walter Souza Braga Netto (Chief Minister of the Civil House). The event was moderated by Claudia Taya (Secretary for Transparency and Anti-corruption at the CGU) and involved more than 300 participants from the Brazilian public administration and civil society.


As part of this Agreement, the Open and Innovative Government Division of the OECD will conduct an Open Government Review of Brazil in 2020-2021. It will provide an evidence-based assessment of the country’s open government agenda and its implementation against the ten provisions of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government (2017). During the upcoming months, the OECD Secretariat will gather data and evidence on the state of the art of open government in Brazil through questionnaires and interviews.


The OECD Open Government Review of Brazil will provide actionable recommendations to support Brazil in the implementation of the open government principles of transparency, accountability and participation, as well as the protection of civic space in Brazil.

Alessandro Bellantoni (Head of the OECD Open Government Unit) presented the objectives, topics, methodology and calendar of the Review. The presentation is available in English and in Portuguese







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