• 20-November-2023


    Enhancing Strategic Planning and Innovation Services - Supporting Romanian Regional Development Agencies

    EU Funded Note Regional development is rooted in place-based strategic planning and strengthened regional innovation systems. In Romania, the eight Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) are responsible for strategic planning for regional development and delivering innovation support services to regional and local actors. They also manage the public investment funds dedicated to these activities. These are challenging tasks. Many RDAs face difficulties in ensuring that regional and sub-regional development objectives and priorities align, expanding the definition of innovation, and activating their regional innovation ecosystem. Equally difficult is keeping stakeholders engaged and committed to the regional development and innovation agendas. This report synthesises the regional development and innovation challenges facing Romania’s RDAs and potential activities to overcome these in three areas – strategic planning and performance measurement, finance and implementation, and communication and stakeholder engagement. It also offers insights and recommendations for higher-levels bodies to further support RDAs through guidance, facilitating peer-exchange, and actively engaging the RDAs in regional development decision making.
  • 5-March-2020


    Operationalisation of destination management organisations in Romania

    This report provides an analysis of the state of play for tourism in Romania and examines opportunities and challenges for destination development at the subnational level. In addition, it includes an operating manual providing practical guidance for tourism practitioners, setting out the steps required to establish and operate an effective DMO. It has been produced to help public and private sector stakeholders in Romania to work in partnership to plan, develop, manage and market their destinations. The aim is to strengthen tourism structures at local, regional and national levels, so that Romania is able to compete effectively in international markets, in a way that will bring maximum benefit to the country and its destinations. Examples of international best practices, and recommendations to develop an effective and self-sustaining network of regional DMOs are also presented.