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Conference on investment treaties and climate change


10 May 2022 Virtual event

The seventh annual OECD Investment Treaty Conference will address Investment treaties and the climate crisis, a defining challenge for government policy makers and our societies. Along with a public consultation and other input, the Conference will contribute to ongoing government-led work on investment treaties and climate change at the OECD. 

In 2020, the OECD Investment Committee decided to launch broader government-led consideration of the Future of Investment Treaties, with regular participation of experts and stakeholders. The work builds in part on inter-governmental evaluation and analysis of key aspects of investment treaties at the OECD since 2011.

The overriding importance of confronting the climate crisis forms a core part of the work, which includes a series of meetings under Chatham House rules over two years. The role of investment treaties, as well as alternative or complementary policy options, will be examined with regard to three goals:  

  • Contributing to sustainable development by encouraging sustainable investment and preserving sufficient policy space.
  • Improving or maintaining market access including in key areas such as green and health technology. 
  • Considering a broader and flexible range of implementation mechanisms such as state-to-state dispute settlement with non-pecuniary or negotiated remedies, expert reports, dispute prevention, as well as implementation of possible business obligations or responsibilities. 

The March 2021 launch of the work programme included an OECD Secretariat background paper that underlined climate change and transition policies as vital policy contexts for consideration of the future of investment treaties.

An ongoing public consultation on investment treaties and climate change will provide further analysis and proposals for governments and other Track 1 participants.

The agenda for the conference and registration information will be posted in the coming weeks.  



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