OECD Integrity Scan of Kazakhstan

Preventing Corruption for a Competitive Economy

This report looks at how to curb corruption and build a more competitive economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan by assessing four crucial factors: governance, prevention, detection, and prosecution and recovery. In its analysis, it draws on good international practices as well as OECD instruments and tools in 15 policy areas: regulatory governance, competition policy, public financial management, development co-operation, public sector integrity, public procurement, tax administration and transparency, export credits, lobbying, whistleblower protection, business sector integrity, criminalising bribery, civil society, and media. The report provides recommendations for improving Kazakhstan’s laws and policies as well as effectively implementing them in each of these areas.

Published on June 15, 2017

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Foreword Acknowledgements
Executive summary
Assessment and recommendations
Improving regulatory governance in Kazakhstan
Competition policy in Kazakhstan: promoting efficient and sound markets
Open budgeting for integrity and accountability in Kazakhstan
Development co-operation in Kazakhstan
Strengthening public sector integrity in Kazakhstan
Ensuring integrity in public procurement in Kazakhstan
Creating a level playing field in Kazakhstan through tax transparency
Deterring and detecting bribery in export credits in Kazakhstan
Regulating lobbying in Kazakhstan to prevent policy capture
Corporate governance and business integrity in Kazakhstan
Empowering civil society in Kazakhstan
Enabling the tax administration in Kazakhstan to better detect corruption
Encouraging reporting of corruption in Kazakhstan through
Supporting an independent, vibrant media in Kazakhstan
Criminalising bribery in Kazakhstan
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Kazakhstan must

strengthen the rule of law and focus on implementing the reforms. Kazakhstan should continue with existing administrative simplification efforts and consider developing a systemic programme on administrative burden measurement.
effectively implement and ensure a functioning competitive environment. Kazakhstan should consider deleting provisions that allow for intervention based solely on an infringement upon consumers' rights or interests and instead focus on "harm to competition".
ensure an open, transparent and inclusive budgeting process at both the national and subnational levels, through for example; publishing citizens' versions of the national budget documents and improving the comprehensiveness of budget documents throughout the budget cycle.