A territorial approach to the Sustainable Development Goals in Córdoba, Argentina

The province of Córdoba, Argentina, uses the SDGs as a framework to promote social inclusion and well-being. Providing affordable housing, addressing the gender gap in unemployment, reducing air pollution, and improving water quality are key priorities to advance regional development in the province. The SDGs provide a holistic framework to address these challenges in an integrated way and can help to identify the drivers of social inclusion in the province of Córdoba. The province has undertaken a multi-stakeholder engagement process, which has led to five strategic lines of action for the achievement of the SDGs in Córdoba to: i) build a vision of multidimensional economic development for the province, ii) bridge the housing supply gap and foster sustainable construction, iii) generate decent work for the most excluded, iv) implement a sustainable water management system and v) deepen the process of coordination and transparency in policymaking.

Published on June 29, 2021

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