Costa Rica


OECD Integrity Review of Costa Rica

Safeguarding Democratic Achievements

Costa Rica is seeking to consolidate democratic gains to safeguard trust in government and build economic resilience. This Integrity Review looks at how Costa Rica can translate its recent National Strategy for Integrity and Prevention of Corruption into a concrete and coherent integrity policy. It also reviews the framework for managing conflict of interest and considers how best to address the lack of regulation on lobbying and promote integrity and transparency in all activities aimed at influencing public decision making. Finally, the Integrity Review analyses Costa Rica’s disciplinary enforcement system, with a view to reinforcing the credibility and effectivity of its integrity policies.

Published on July 18, 2022Also available in: Spanish

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Executive summary
Ensuring a co-ordinated and coherent public integrity system in Costa Rica
Grounding the National Integrity and Corruption Prevention Strategy (ENIPC) of Costa Rica
Strengthening conflict of interest management in Costa Rica
Strengthening transparency and integrity in decision-making in Costa Rica
Towards a coherent disciplinary system in Costa Rica
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