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Corporate Governance of Non-Listed Companies - Focus Group Meeting


This meeting, held in Paris on 2 December 2005, was organised by the OECD with the support of the Government of Japan.

The focus group was convened as a follow-up to the , which launched the Global Network for Corporate Governance of Non-Listed Companies 1.

While the Istanbul meeting greatly contributed to a better understanding of global corporate governance challenges for non-listed companies, participants noted that many corporate governance issues concerning non-listed companies (NLCs) remain unresolved and further discussion/research are necessary in order to assess the conclusions and remarks made at the meeting.

It was suggested in Istanbul that key issues for follow-up, taking into account the diversity in geographic circumstances, should include:

  • the legal/regulatory framework,
  • transparency and disclosure, as well as
  • ownership structures and financing.

The focus group met in Paris in December 2005 to discuss these issues in order to advance thinking on specific aspects that should be examined in-depth.

The ultimate objective is to raise awareness amongst policy-makers on the challenges faced by NLCs and improve the quality/design of public policy to facilitate companies’ contribution to investment and economic growth.


Summary Note

Publication: Corporate Governance of Non-Listed Companies in Emerging Markets

General information on Corporate Governance of Non-Listed Companies


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