Social Economy and Innovation

Social economy and social innovation contribute to create more inclusive, creative and sustainable societies and economies. How? By providing innovative solutions to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of individuals, communities and places while addressing socio-economic and environmental challenges, including those emerging with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Tackling informality with the social economy

The OECD is working with Colombia to explore how the social economy can help transition workers from unprotected jobs to formal employment.

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What's the impact of the social economy?

Social economy organisations put social and environmental concerns at the heart of their business model, prioritising social impact over profit maximisation. Social impact measurement can help assess this impact and its social value.

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Mainstreaming the social economy

The social economy has often been at the margins of the political discourse. To reach its potential, we need to recognise its value, raise its visibility, and establish its place within our economies.

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Daring to do: Young social entrepreneurs doubling down on business with impact

Jonathan Van de Gronden, James Hermanson and Natalie Laechelt tells us about how around the world young people are prioritising careers that make a difference.

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