Social Economy and Innovation

Social economy and social innovation contribute to create more inclusive, creative and sustainable societies and economies. How? By providing innovative solutions to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of individuals, communities and places while addressing socio-economic and environmental challenges, including those emerging with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


Tackling informality with the social economy

The OECD is working with Colombia to explore how the social economy can help transition workers from unprotected jobs to formal employment.

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What can the social economy teach us about never wasting a good crisis?

We spoke with policy makers and social entrepreneurs at the sidelines of the OECD Social and Solidarity Summit on 20-21 March 2023.

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Podcast | Pink-collar jobs: New shades for the social economy

The social economy can help boost prospects for women… and men. One of the big problems in tackling gender equality is breaking down gender stereotypes that drive women into what have often been called “pink collar jobs”. These are jobs like childcare, education, personal and household services, plus social work.

Nitya Nangalia from SEWA Bharat and Natalie Laechelt from the OECD unpack the role of the social economy in the quest to move beyond pink collar jobs.

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VOLUNTEERING FOR CHANGE: How to mobilise volunteers to drive local developement

Volunteers are the hidden heroes of our societies. Today is International Volunteer Day, which provides an opportunity to celebrate their role in shaping our communities.  It is also an opportunity to ask ourselves how we can encourage, mobilise and steer volunteer efforts to drive the social economy  and local development more generally.

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