OECD Ocean

OECD work for a sustainable ocean

Environment Directorate

Kumi Kitamori, Head of Division, Green Growth and Global Relations

Kumi oversees the OECD Environment Directorate’s ocean-related work, which includes marine biodiversity and ecosystem services, marine plastic and nitrogen pollution, coastal adaptation and climate change and sustainable ocean finance.

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Trade and Agriculture Directorate 

Claire Delpeuch, Fisheries Policy Analyst

Claire leads the work on fisheries and aquaculture policies. This team produces the biennial OECD Review of Fisheries, which aims to inform dialogue on progress towards sustainable fisheries and aquaculture management.

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Development Co-operation Directorate

Piera Tortora, Co-ordinator of OECD's Sustainable Ocean for All

Piera co-ordinates the Sustainable Ocean for All initiative and the OECD work on development finance and effective co-operation for sustainable ocean economies.

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Science, Technology and Innovation Directorate 

Claire Jolly, Head of Innovation Policies for Space and Oceans Unit

Claire and her team work to provide evidence-based information to improve the research and innovation policy mix for sustainable ocean management.  

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