Consumption, innovation and the environment

Better Policies to Support Eco-innovation


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How can governments support eco-innovation when technological options proliferate? How and why policies to support Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) in Canada, France and Germany differ?
This report discusses policies to support eco-innovation in a variety of national contexts and factors such as market structures and dynamics. This work builds on a review of policies to support eco-innovation in OECD countries. It builds on studies of selected eco-innovations: CCS, CHP and fuel cell, electric cars, biopackaging, solar tiles; it highlights different patterns of development across countries. It presents selected public-private partnerships to support eco-innovation (Sustainable Development Technology Canada in Canada, the Carbon Trust in the UK). It also builds on international consultation, which culminated in the Global Forum on Environment focused on eco-innovation (Paris, November 2009; see for proceedings, related publications and presentations). Better Policies to Support Eco-innovation supplements other streams of work, typically on the effects of public environmental policy on technological innovation (visit and on green growth (visit It benefitted from the generous support of the European Commission.


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Part I. Policy issues for eco-innovation: An overview


Part II  Case studies on selected eco-innovations

Combined heat and power: Policies in Germany and Canada
Micro combined heat and power generation:  Policies in Germany
Carbon capture and storage:  Policies in Germany and Canada
Electric cars: Policies in Canada, France and Germany
Biopackaging: What role for public policy?
Solar tiles in Portugal: Linking research and industry


Part III  Case studies on selected public-private partnerships  for eco-innovation

The UK Carbon Trust:  A public-private partnership for eco-innovation
Sustainable Development Technology Canada:The public-private partnership potential

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