The Gender Working Group brings together foundations committed to challenge gender norms and empower women to achieve SDG5. Chaired by Children Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and Aga Khan Foundation, the group provides an opportunity for foundations to have informed discussions on policy for greater women’s empowerment across countries, better understand where are the gender gaps within social norms, share insights on their respective programmes and identify opportunities to collaborate further.

The OECD Centre on Philanthropy’s studies on domestic philanthropy support to gender equality in China, Colombia, India, Nigeria and South Africa

Meetings are closed-door and by invitation only. For further information on the Gender Working Group, please contact Priscilla BOIARDI.

Watch the video below to discover the key insights from Insights on Philanthropy for Gender Equality:


Further reading

2019 netFWD Policy Note: Insights on Philanthropy For Gender Equality

This policy note explores foundations’ support for gender equality by providing data on philanthropic flows targeting gender equality, women and girls, as well as an analysis of foundations’ funding allocations and approaches. It builds on the results of the OECD survey on Private Philanthropy for Development and insights from foundations participating in the Network of foundations Working for Development (netFWD) Working Group on Gender.


The OECD Centre on Philanthropy (CoP) gender deep dives