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COP28 is hosting the first-ever Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum (BPCF), formally recognising the pivotal role played by the private sector and foundations in climate actions.

As part of its role as Key Delivery Partner, netFWD is launching an aspirational Call to Action for philanthropic organisations to step-up their gender-responsive climate actions during the BPCF Roundtable 'Applying a Gender Lens to Climate Action’, on 1 December at 4:00 PM GST.


Why gender-responsive climate actions and why now? 

  • At the New Global Financing Pact Summit - Paris Pact for People & the Planet -, netFWD coordinated a communiqué that outlines how philanthropic actors can leverage their expertise towards supporting and scaling climate and development efforts. The communiqué specifically calls for an increase in philanthropy’s financial contributions to address climate and biodiversity needs, while simultaneously maintaining support to human development priorities. Key amongst these priorities is identifying projects that reduce the gender gap.

  • The pursuit of gender equality and climate goals are mutually reinforcing:

    • Climate change is not gender neutral. To the contrary, evidence indicates women and girls are disproportionately affected. At the same time, women and girls’ voices are often marginalized when it comes to climate policymaking.

    • Despite these challenges, women are and further become agents of change in climate mitigation and adaptation. Empowering women and girls become a force for local climate solutions, including resilient agriculture for enhanced food security.

  • It is time to breaking down siloes between gender and climate funding and programming to fully reap the benefits of actions in these two areas; but also between stakeholders to really harness business and philanthropy’s contribution to sustainable and inclusive development.


What does endorsement imply for your organisation?


Endorsement will involve the inclusion of your organisation’s logo in the final public document and signals your ambition to: 

  • Including more systematically gender-issues into your climate actions, while empowering women and girls as agents of change;

  • Ensuring greater accountability towards the communities we serve.

  • Further leveraging philanthropy’s power as a catalyst for change — piloting and scaling transformative, intersectional approaches at the intersection of climate, development and nature.

  • Enhancing our collaboration with other stakeholders, including business, civil society and governments to place climate and gender considerations at the heart of our efforts and to further break siloes. 


We would be honoured to have you join us as an endorser. Should you be interested in this, please contact [email protected]







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