All meetings are online unless otherwise stated. Contact for more information on our upcoming events.



14 October 2021 | Education Working Group*:  Philanthropy beyond the school walls: connecting communities to support quality learning

16 September 2021 | netFWD and J-PAL Evidence-to-action Seminar: Access, quality and equity in education: How can the latest evidence guide philanthropic investments? 

14 June 2021 |  Health Working Group: Building equity-focused health systems: lessons from philanthropy and roadmap towards new collaborations

16 March 2021 | Strategic Foresight Workshop: Future-ready Philanthropy* 

17 - 18 March 2021 | netFWD Annual Meeting 'Strategic Foresight & Philanthropy: Learning from the future to shape the post-2030 agenda

29 January 2021| Gender Working Group* : Unleashing philanthropic investments at the grassroots level for women’s empowerment

19 January 2021 |Flying Bling? Foundations as learning organisations More information



11 December 2020: Online Meeting | High-level dialogue Phil4Dev vol.2 How foundations influence policy and practice: Big wins and common pitfalls

17 November 2020: Online Meeting | High-level dialogue Phil4Dev vol.2 Leveraging philanthropic funding and support during the Great Lockdown

19 October 2020: Online Meeting | Education 1st Policy Dialogue : Emerging needs, shifting assumptions, and new players in global education


*Meetings are closed-door and by invitation only.