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Ownership and Governance of State-Owned Enterprises: A Compendium of National Practices




16 December 2021



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The OECD SOE Compendium serves as a one-stop-shop of country-by-country, easily accessible and up-to-date information on individual countries’ institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks for state ownership of enterprises. Its target audience includes government officials involved in the oversight of SOEs, as well as SOE boards and management, and the broader policy and business communities that interact with the SOE sector on a regular basis. By providing such a reference resource, the Compendium facilitates greater awareness and more effective implementation of the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises.

The Compendium includes five substantive chapters providing cross-country comparative data on:

  • The state ownership function
  • SOEs in the marketplace
  • Transparency and integrity in the SOE sector
  • SOE boards of directors
  • Privatisation and the broadening of ownership of SOEs

This 2021 edition of the OECD SOE Compendium builds on a compilation of information gathered from delegates to the OECD Working Party on State Ownership and Privatisation Practices, as well as its regional networks, as part of the publications issued by the OECD between 2017 and 2021. As such, this edition collects in one easily accessible publication the Working Party’s expertise accumulated over the last four years in various cross-country stocktaking reports and thematic reviews issued by the OECD in that period. In particular, the two chapters on “Transparency and Integrity in the SOE sector” and “Privatisation and the broadening of ownership of SOEs” stand as new additions to the Compendium, reflecting extensive work in this area undertaken by the Working Party in recent years.

To the greatest extent possible, the jurisdictional scope of the Compendium includes information covering 54 countries, including all OECD and G20 members, and other regular participants in the Working Party’s work.


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