Science, technology and innovation policy

Oslo Manual: Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting Innovation Data, 3rd Edition


New edition published on 22 October 2018


3rd edition (2005)
Pages: 163
ISBN 978-92-64-01308-3


The ability to determine the scale of innovation activities, the characteristics of innovation firms and the internal and systemic factors that can influence innovation is a prerequisite for the pursuit and analysis of policies aimed at fostering innovation. The Oslo Manual is the foremost international source of guidelines for the collection and use of data on innovation activities in industry.

The 3rd edition takes into account the progress made in understanding the innovation process and its economic impact, and the experience gained from the most recent rounds of innovation surveys in OECD member and non-member countries. For the first time, the Oslo Manual investigates the field of non-technological innovation and the linkages between different innovation types. It also includes an annex on the implementation of innovation surveys in developing countries.