Our work on children and child well-being helps countries design policies that ensure every child can have the best possible start in life. We monitor progress on child well-being outcomes and provide policy assistance and advice to make sure children have the opportunties they need for a bright future.


Measuring What Matters for Child Well-Being and Policies

Our new report, Measuring What Matters for Child Well-being and Policies, lays the groundwork for improved child well-being measurement and better data to inform better child well-being policies. It outlines an “aspirational” framework for child well-being measurement, setting out which aspects of children’s lives should be measured, and how, to better monitor child well-being. It also outlines priorities for child data development and identifies key data gaps, all with the aim of motivating improvements in child data infrastructures.

Watch the launch and read the report here.


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Our Child Well-being Data Portal brings together data on child well-being and the settings in which children grow up.

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