OECD Territorial Reviews: Morelos, Mexico

Monitoring Progress and Special Focus on Accessibility

This report assesses the extent to which the state of Morelos, Mexico has implemented the OECD recommendations set in the Territorial Review of Morelos, published in 2017. The recommendations addressed matters of human capital, education, skills, innovation, territorial development, sustainable development, governance and public finances. For each of them, the monitoring toolkit indicates areas of change, identifies bottlenecks and proposes ways forward. The timeframe of implementation is also considered. The report further analyses the impacts of the earthquake of 19 September 2017 and the policy responses adopted in its aftermath. It offers advice on how to lead a reconstruction process that delivers a better state of affairs than the previous one, especially concerning territorial development and infrastructure investments. It advances a new topic, on connectivity and accessibility, in view of recent investments in rail and road infrastructure.

Published on August 28, 2018

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Executive summary
Assessment and recommendations
Monitoring and evaluation of recommendations
The Central Mexico Earthquake
Transport and logistics strategy of the State of Morelos
Monitoring progress at a glance – Morelos
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