Strategic Regulatory Planning: Delivering Quality Regulation


Regulatory Policy Committee and the MENA-OECD Governance Programme Working Group IV


Meeting Participants from MENA and OECD Countries


To improve economic and social welfare it is vital to have strategic regulatory planning methods.  This MENA Special Session provided a day in which to address fundamental questions of why, what and how to regulate and how to measure the effectiveness of the regulation. Each element of this life-cycle was explained through a practical presentation, illustrated by real examples from MENA and OECD countries.


Moreover an examination of how to overcome strategic and technical implementation barriers as part of the strategic regulatory planning exercise was discussed along with how to avoid poorly prepared regulations that often remain unchallenged.


In a separate session, delegates also discussed the contribution of the Working Group to the Rule of Law agenda and work on gender-sensitive regulatory quality frameworks.






Session 1: Introduction to strategic regulatory planning: Why, what and how to regulate? And how do we know that we are successful?

  • HE Minister Ali Muhsen Al Alaak, Secretary General, Council of Ministers Iraq (English - pdf 270 kb)
  • Mr. Benoit Turcotte, Director, Regulatory Affairs Sector, Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat, Canada (English - pdf 184kb)
  • Mr. Alfonso Carballo, General Director of the Federal Commission on Regulatory Improvement, Mexico (English - pdf 663kb)


Session 3: Closing the loop: Planning for evaluating and reviewing regulation

  • Mr. Rizkallah Freifer, State Councellor, State Council, Lebanon (English - pdf 879kb)
  • Mrs. Dominique de Vos, Deputy Director General, Administrative Simplification Agency, Prime Minister’s Office, Belgium (English - pdf 326kb)


Training Session

  • Mr. Charles-Henri Montin, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division, OECD (English - pdf 378kb)


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