Progress in Public Management in the Middle East and North Africa: Case Studies on Policy Reform


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Arab states have been actively reforming public management systems over the past five years. There are pockets of good practice that, if adopted by all countries in the region, would yield an enabling environment for economic growth and social development.


The 300-page report includes country case studies and datasets for nine countries from the region and covers nine topics of public management reform: human resource management, public finance, integrity, regulation and law drafting, administrative simplification, e-government, public-private partnerships, gender, and water resource management.

It is the first in a series of bi-annual reports that seeks to keep practitioners, legislators, academics, NGOs, members of the donor community and other interested parties informed about recent trends in the field of governance and public management throughout the MENA region.


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 Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Overall Strategies for Public Governance Reform in the MENA Region


Chapter 2: Improving the management of human resources in the public sector


Chapter 3: Improving the management of public finances

Chapter 4: Fostering integrity in the public sector


Chapter 5: Ensuring high quality regulation

Chapter 6: Overcoming barriers to administrative simplification

Chapter 7: Achievements in e-government


Chapter 8: Ensuring the efficient use of public-private partnerships in MENA countries

Chapter 9:
 Introducing gender approaches to public management

Chapter 10: Enhancing environmental governance: The case of water




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