MENA Responsible Business Conduct Forum


Although institutional reforms in the MENA region over the last few years have focused primarily on monetary markets, investment houses, companies and businesses, there is growing awareness that institutional reforms should not be limited to governments. The private sector is increasingly playing a leading and innovative role in the whole reform process, and a new generation of young businessmen and -women are taking a more active part in establishing a new business environment in the region.


Responsible behavior in business and investment is more likely to contribute to sustainable development and employment creation. Building on OECD guidance, such as the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Policy Framework for Investment,  the MENA Responsible Business Conduct Forum seeks to translate broad concepts into actions which can be implemented by business.


With a view to actively engaging both private and public sectors and civil society in the regional dialogue on responsible business conduct, the MENA Responsible Business Conduct Forum, an initiative of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme, places special emphasis on the assessment and exchange of responsible business practices in the MENA region.


Organised in partnership with the UNDP, World Bank, EU and InWent, the Forum draws its mandate from the work of the Regional Task Force on Responsible Business Conduct, focusing specifically on:

  • business integrity and anti-corruption
  • labour standards and skills development
  • health and environment


First meeting of the Regional Task Force on Responsible Business Conduct, 26 October 2008, Cairo


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