A cohesive society works towards the well-being of all its citizens, fights exclusion and marginalisation, creates a sense of belonging, promotes trust, and offers the opportunity of upward mobility. For many years, the OECD has been focusing on people's well-being and social progress, looking not only at economic issues but also at the diverse experiences and living conditions of people and households. In this regard, the OECD is supporting LAC countries to effectively measure well-being in the region through initiatives, such as the OECD How’s life Index to better assess social and well-being metrics.

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How's life index

How do LAC countries preform when it comes to education, environment, safety and other topics important to your well-being? The OECD Better Life Index allows you to compare well-being across countries, based on 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life.

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