Data to calculate the OECD indicators





Each of the OECD Sustainable Manufacturing Indicators will require you to track and manage different data. For instance, to establish the proportion of your energy that comes from renewable sources, you will need to know your overall energy consumption as well as the mix of sources that provide your energy. If you decide to track performance against the 18 key environmental indicators, you will need to collect information relating to 54 different data points.

If you don’t have the complete data set required for the indicators from outset, this should not stop you from getting started and making progress. You will probably already have some data that you routinely collect as part of business operations. If this is the case, then you should go ahead and use this existing data to better understand your performance as far as possible. It is not necessary to have all data items covered to start managing and improving environmental performance. Feel confident to begin managing and improving results on the basis of a few indicators. Then build on it over time as your experience grows and the value of using the indicators becomes clear.


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