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OECD Child-Friendly Justice Framework

Building a people-centred justice system

Millions of children around the globe experience justice problems and legal needs, which are especially acute for children facing other adversities and disadvantages. To this end, this OECD Child-Friendly Justice Framework supports countries in developing a government-wide strategy to strengthen child-friendly practices in the justice system. Building on the analysis of the legal needs of children and challenges they face when confronting justice problems, this framework provides a basis for child-friendly reforms of justice systems, in line with international standards and obligations. Underpinned by a clear child-centric purpose, the framework provides guidance and good practice examples for (1) designing and delivering child-friendly justice services, (2) establishing the governance enablers and infrastructure to support child-friendly services, (3) empowering children and justice system workers to facilitate child-friendly justice, and (4) planning, monitoring and accountability needed to ensure that child justice reforms are effective and sustained.

Available from November 24, 2023

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