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Working paper: More than just a go-between: The role of intermediaries in knowledge mobilisation 

This working paper reviews theoretical and empirical literature on knowledge mobilisation, proposes a set of frameworks for describing knowledge intermediaries’ objectives, functions and impact, identifies knowledge gaps in the current literature and directions for future research on knowledge mobilisation in the education sector. 

Report: Who cares about using education research in policy and practice? Strengthening research engagement

The report describes the mechanisms used to strengthen the impact of education research in policy and practice, and the levels of engagement of various actors in these processes. It also maps the drivers of, and barriers to, using research in education policy and practice. While some promising practices are highlighted across the report, the primary focus at this stage is not to provide clear solutions. This initial mapping of structures and processes aimed at improving research use points to a number of knowledge gaps and directions for future work.

The report is based on the contributions from leading experts who provided insights into lessons learnt from the field of “evidence-informed” policy and practice, and data collected from over 30 countries through an OECD policy survey.









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