Fostering Catastrophe Bond Markets in Asia and the Pacific

As climate change increases exposure to natural disasters, countries need new solutions to mitigate risks of natural hazards. For many in Asia and the Pacific, mobilising existing resources is not enough: they need to consider a grand design of disaster risk financing strategies. Catastrophe bonds (CAT bonds) can be an effective, market-based financing tool for the region. While the global CAT bond market has grown steadily since the 1990s, it remains weakly developed in Asia and the Pacific. Its successful development there requires robust purpose-built legal frameworks; developed general bond markets, especially in local currency; appropriate capacity building; and data-driven pricing models. This report explores each of these conditions along with policy suggestions for fostering them, and discusses the development of multi-country CAT bonds in Asia and the Pacific.

Available from February 14, 2024

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Executive summary
Catastrophe bonds in Asia and the Pacific: Recent trends and characteristics
Benefits and challenges of developing catastrophe bond markets in Asia and the Pacific
Country case studies of catastrophe bonds
Sharing disaster risk among countries: Regional case studies
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