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21st Century Children looks at the nature of modern childhood and the ways in which‌ schools and communities can work together to protect and guide children while still allowing them the flexibility to make their own mistakes. 


Project Overview

Read more about the OECD 21st Century Children project’s goals, key themes, and project plan.


Main Reports

Education in the Digital Age: Healthy and Happy Children

Educating 21st Century Children: Emotional Well-Being in the Digital Age




Just released

Education in the Digital Age: The Importance of Play! (short brief)

Education in the Digital Age: Healthy and Happy Children (main report)






Previous webinars:

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Ask an expert: How can we help children develop their digital skills? (16 June 2021)

Ask an expert: Why play is so important for child learning and development? (18 May 2021)

Ask an Expert: Understanding digital risks for 21st century children (31 March 2021)

How can we support student well-being in the digital age? (15 December 2020)

Ask an expert: understanding childhood in the 21st Century? (12 November 2020)


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