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21st Century Children



21st Century Children looks at the nature of modern childhood and the ways in which‌ schools and communities can work together to protect and guide children while still allowing them the flexibility to make their own mistakes. 


Project Overview

Read more about the OECD 21st Century Children project’s goals, key themes, and project plan.





Main reports

Education in the Digital Age: Healthy and Happy Children New!

Executive Summary


Educating 21st Century Children: Emotional Well-Being in the Digital Age

Executive Summary


Short Briefs

What do we know about children and technology?


Children's Relationships in the 21st Century


Emotional Well-being


21st Century Children as Digital Citizens


21st Century Children: Digital Risks and Resilience


21st Century Children: Building Capacity


21st Century Children: Healthy Children Healthy Futures



Futher publications and briefs

Why parenting matters for children in the 21st century (2020)


Impacts of technology use on children: Exploring literature on the brain, cognition and well-being (2019)


New Technologies and 21st Century Children (2018)


Physical health and well-being in children and youth (2018)


Emotional well-being of children and adolescents: Recent trends and relevant factors (2018)

Blog posts

Child safety in the digital age: How education systems can help New!


Educating healthy and happy children in the digital age  


Keeping children happy, healthy and safe in the digital age


Plugged-in parents are inadvertently creating data footprints for their children


Is physical health linked to better learning?


Why schools should pay more attention to students'mental health and well-being






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