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Insolvency indicators  


  • A number of OECD countries have seen an increasing survival over the last decade of low productivity firms that would typically exit in a competitive market (so-called “zombie firms”), which hamper productivity growth by crowding-out growth opportunities for more productive firms, especially start-ups.
  • New cross-country indicators of the design of insolvency regimes uncover significant differences across OECD countries, in particular in terms of the personal cost to failed entrepreneurs and barriers to corporate restructuring. These cross-country differences in the design of insolvency regimes can in turn explain three interconnected sources of contemporary productivity weakness: the survival of zombie firms, capital misallocation and stalling technological diffusion.
  • Evidence suggest that the zombie firm problem in Europe is also connected to banking sector weakness and bank forbearance. Reviving productivity growth will require policies to diversify the source of corporate financing away from bank lending towards market-based debt and equity financing.
  • Reforms that accelerate corporate restructuring can have powerful effects on productivity, but also carry social costs. Active labour market policies play a key role in returning workers displaced by firm exit to work, thus helping to reconcile the productivity portential of creative destruction with social inclusion.

Share of capital sunk in zombie firms in 2013

Share of capital sunk in zombie firms in 2013

Note: Zombie firms are defined as firms aged ≥10 years and with an interest coverage ratio<1 over three consecutive years. The sample excludes firms that are larger than 100 times the 99th percentile of the size distribution in terms of capital stock or number of employees.

Source: Adalet McGowan, Andrews and Millot (2017), based on ORBIS data.

OECD indicator of insolvency regimes

Increasing in barriers to exit or restructuring

OECD indicator of insolvency regime

Note: Composite indicator based on 12 components.

Source: Calculations based on the OECD questionnaire on insolvency regimes.

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