Resourcing higher education in Denmark

Thematic policy brief

The thematic policy brief on Resourcing Higher Education in Denmark is the first in a series of thematic policy briefs produced as part of the OECD's Resourcing Higher Education Project. This project aims to develop a shared knowledge base for OECD member and partner countries on effective policies for higher education resourcing through system-specific and comparative policy analysis. In 2017, Denmark embarked on an ambitious reform of its system for funding higher education institutions, aiming to improve teaching quality, graduates’ transition to the labour market and institutional leadership and profiling. Developed for the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the thematic policy brief compares the Danish system for funding higher education institutions with systems in peer OECD jurisdictions, focusing on the design of different components of the funding model, the use of performance-related mechanisms elements and mechanisms to promote social inclusion and the regional coverage of the higher education system. The brief identifies policy issues that may warrant further attention as part of a planned future review of the Danish funding system.

Available from December 09, 2021

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