Rural Policy Review of Colombia 2022

Rural regions in Colombia have untapped potential to boost wealth and well-being in the country. Despite remarkable economic growth over the last two decades, Colombia’s development policy needs to increase its focus on rurality, as regional inequalities remain high by OECD standards and structural challenges still prevent greater development in rural places. This report assesses trends, challenges and opportunities of rural Colombia and examines the country’s rural development policy. It offers recommendations to mobilise rural assets and improve rural well-being with a focus on: strengthening multi-government coordination and policy implementation; enhancing transport and broadband connectivity as well as accessibility to quality education and health and; improving land use management in rural Colombia.

Available from November 25, 2022

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Assessment and recommendations
Strengths and challenges in the rural development of Colombia
Towards a comprehensive rural policy in Colombia
Improving connectivity and service delivery in Colombian rural areas
Rural land policy and natural resources management
Implementing the rural policy in Colombia
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