Overview of Risk Reduction Approaches

Finland addresses risk reduction of certain PFAS through EU regulations. Actions have been largely concentrated on PFOS phase-out and the risks related to its alternatives. There is no PFOS production in Finland. Finland has conducted a survey on the use of PFOS and related substances as well as their alternatives in metal plating.

In the past, the largest open application in Finland is assumed to have been the use of PFOS containing firefighting foams (inventory established in 2006 and 2008), which has been prohibited since 2011. Consequently, Finland has carried out a screening study on the possible sites with ground water and surface water contamination from use of AFFF with a view to evaluate the possible risk on drinking water supplies. A proposal of a limit value for PFOS in drinking water is under consideration. Finland has also done sporadic screening of PFAS compounds in fish since 2009 and surface and ground waters since 2014. Voluntary awareness raising campaigns to representatives of various sectors has also been accomplished.

Table with Key Elements of Risk Reduction Approaches

Action Path taken BEPs Implemented Category of PFASss addressed Articles covered? Life cycle stage(s) addressed Method of approach Public- private partnership encouraged? Level of constraint

See European Union actions

Screening of PFASs in the environment Continuous screening   Not relevant Primarily PFOS and PFOA  Not relevant   Discharges from all life cycles are addressed Analysis  No  None 
Screening of PFAS polluted soil at airport fire drill sites Screening/Risk assessments  No   PFOS and other relevant PFASs No   End use Anlysis/ voluntary    None 
Mapping of uses of PFOS and the alternatives on the hard metal plating Survey  Not relevant   PFOS and its salts No    Use in the production  Interview   None  


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