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OECD Youthwise: New Board 2023

22 brilliant young people aged 18‒30 from OECD countries have now been selected and will make up the 2023 OECD's Youth Advisory Board.

Youthwise was launched in 2021 to bring youth perspectives and ideas to the OECD, and improve youth understanding of the Organisation’s work and international policy making. 


Youth: The driving force for change after COVID-19

Young people are our leaders of tomorrow. They will drive forward efforts to create a more prosperous, more equitable and more resilient future.

Yet it is the young that have been among the hardest hit by the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investing in skills, education, quality jobs and mental health will help them rejuvenate their educational and career prospects, empowering them to face the future with confidence – and become the best they can be.

Stand by Youth

To help today’s youth get through this crisis and prepare for the post-COVID world businesses of all sizes must rally round. Supporting the youth represents an opportunity – perhaps the best opportunity – that any business has to bounce back better and be fit for the post-COVID world.

The Stand By Youth Initiative aims to support and encourage businesses to help youth through the crisis and beyond by raising awareness, sharing best practice, and hosting events to connect and build a broader coalition of like-minded businesses.

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